1994 19th Annual Business Meeting, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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July 9, 1994


Call to Order by President, Ronald Satz 1:37 P.M.

Secretaries Report

Reading of minutes suspended, approved as published

Treasurers Report

Approved as read [copy available on written request to Secretary]

Report of Editor of Reciprocity

[Copy of financial report available on written request to Secretary] discussion concerning appropriateness of sending ISUS News with Reciprocity, motion carried to NOT send ISUS News to nonmembers. ISUS News to be sent to members ONLY.


Back issues of Reciprocity; motion to authorize sending all excess and back issues to Executive Director's office in S.L.C. carried unanimously. Back issues of ISUS News also to be sent to Exec. Dir. Motion to restrict mailing of Reciprocity to members only; discussion; question failed to meet majority requirement, tabled.

Peer Review process questioned due to insufficient submissions. No conclusion.

Counting of mail-in ballots; discussion, no motion, no change.

Brochure; discussion, no recommendations regarding changes.


Motion to request all appropriate ISUS materials be copied to disk. Carried Unanimously. Authorization to obtain software to convert MAC data to PC data and PC to MAC, carried unanimously.

Motion to authorize reprinting “Basic Properties of Matter”; 112 copies (12 to D. Larson); carried unanimously.

Motion of Thanks to Maurice Gilroy for "underground" publishing activities; carried unanimously.

Motion to publish compilation of back issues of Reciprocity; died.

Request for resolution: regarding J. Edward Anderson's material on Personal Rapid Transit; no action other than note of tribute.

Question of publication policy related to D.B. Larson's “Beyond Space and Time”; discussion of metaphysics vs. ISUS by-laws; motion to amend by-laws failed.

Other letters; no action.


Motion to re-elect existing Board of Trustees; carried unanimously.

Motion of Thanks to Host of conference: Hoyt Stearns; carried unanimously.

Future Meetings and possible locations; discussion; final decision: Phil Porter will Host the 1995 ISUS Annual Conference in Denver, CO. meeting time to be announced later.

Respectfully submitted,
Lawrence E. Denslow, Secretary.